Summary of the 4 works I created for The Whole Shebang


Oh, Creative Memory. Oh, Body The Text., a participatory video installation designed to shift the audience into a more contemplative state of mind before entering the theatre, and invite the audience into the choreographic process.

Ritual of Lights, a ceremonious exchange of paper light sculptures, symbolic of the attention and trust that an audience offers to artists, without which the performance would be uninspired, and in this case, would not begin at all.

The Far Side of the Room, a travelling soundscape of animal sounds by people, recorded and played through mobile phones, housed inside delicate bamboo bird cages and round, glass fishbowls. “Oink, oink! Woof, woof! Grrrr!” (There’s a sample you can listen to here.)

Open in Case of a Modern Emergency, an invitation to the audience to create a message for another fellow audience member to take home at the end of the night. Be it a word, a phrase, an inspiration quote, a poem, a sketch of one’s thumbnail, or a favourite detail from the show, the message is intended for use when disenchanted, disconnected, uninspired, alienated, or afraid.


Photo above courtesy of Alex Maitland.

Videos to come! Meeting with the cinematographer tomorrow.


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