I like: G is for Giraffes and the Greatest Gulliver’s Travels – “…Once, Gulliver was even a horse’s pet.”

Found a website for children storytellers. They tell stories to go with letters of the alphabet. G is apparently for Giraffe and the Greatest Gulliver’s Travels:

Once upon a time there was a swift little giant named Gulliver who like to travel to faraway lands.

Sometimes he was bigger then a giraffe — but other times, this giant was smaller then a mouse. Once, Gulliver was even a horse’s pet.

The shift in perspective is brilliant. The descriptions are perfect for children. The video only has a few still pictures — oh, wait, the website seems to say that the still images are of children’s art — looks a bit too sophisticated to be by children, but maybe it’s art made for children. In any event, not having a moving image to pay attention to prompts you to really pay attention to the aural storytelling techniques. Perfect for my research!

Their own description of the episode: “It’s a retelling of Jonathan Swift’s classic children’s book, Gulliver’s Travelsmashed-up with the world’s greatest Lilliputian storytelling giraffe games and music.”



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