Back to work on my Gulliver’s Travels project

Ok, so what with going off to Asia for 3 weeks, writing reports galore, and rushing to create some new works for Dreamwalker Dance, my Gulliver’s Travels project has been on hiatus for a while. Last I left off, tk had just hooked me up with a few of his friends who happen to be leading digital puppeteers. But I didn’t have time to even properly post about that…

Still, I managed to do research while I was in Asia, and now I’ve reserved this week for some extensive prototyping. Picked up the Optoma PK301 today (after dropping off my bike for a pre-season tune-up!) …this thing might only project 50 lumens in brightness, which sounds ridiculous next to 3500 lumens but I was watching Netflix off it with ambient lighting on. Not bad at all. It’s not HD quality, hell it’s probably not even TV quality, but it’s perfect for the analog, emotional, faded antique, nostalgic, paper and crayons kind of feeling I want to create.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on voices in conjunction with text. Hope I find my characters fairly easily…


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