Attention designers and design agencies!

Quick note before I head off to Mexico! The good folks at are looking to develop a beginner’s guide to Social Finance.

Here is the official Request For Proposals from designers or design agencies. Maximum budget is $8K. Deadline is Dec 2, 5pm ET by email.

Please have a look. If you know any designers or design agencies that might also be interested, please forward this to them! Anyone considering making a submission is encouraged (but not required) to let us know ahead of time.

Download this file

What is social finance? Well I’m still learning, but in my own words, it’s basically it’s about investors directing their financial commitments towards organizations and entrepreneurs that will not only turn a profit, but also aims to do good for society or the environment.

This beginner’s guide is intended to help organizations and entrepreneurs learn about Social Finance, whether it’s right for them, how to access it, and where to go for more information. (i.e. This is not a guide for potential investors. This is a guide for people doing good work who need to find more money. In other words, a super useful guide!)

There is no other guide like this out there. So, I think this is a really great (paid) opportunity for designers or design agencies to show off: This is a complex topic that relatively few people know about. How to explain it simply, beautifully, and in an engaging way?

Thanks in advance for having a look and letting others know about the opportunity.


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