Diversity & Performing Arts in Ontario

Cultural Pluralism in the Performing Arts Movement Ontario (CPPAMO) invites you to a townhall-style meeting of presenters, artists and municipal staff to jointly develop strategies for change…


Location: U of T Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail 7pm, Fri Jan 29 Panel Discussion & Performance 9am, Sat Jan 30 All-day workshop with keynote address by Sara Diamond CPPAMO’s mandate includes:

  • providing opportunities for Aboriginal and ethnoracial performers to showcase their work to presenters across Ontario, and to build relationships with the presenters;
  • providing opportunities for presenters to see and learn about diverse cultural values, histories and practices, and to develop relationships with diverse artists
  • developing education and training programs on cultural pluralism with practical guidance on successfully integration culturally diverse values and principles into operations, planning, audience development, marketing, programming and decision-making processes

Please join CPPAMO at their first townhall and be part of the movement to change performing arts in Ontario. Registration info: http://cppamo.eventbrite.com/ Facebook page: http://ja-jp.facebook.com/event.php?eid=267714561958&ref=mf


5 responses to “Diversity & Performing Arts in Ontario

  1. my sister is a performing arts student, i used to laugh at her when she do some mime and crazy dancing stuffs’~;

  2. performing arts is good specially if you are more inclined to art instead of those technical stuffs like computers and mathema:`*

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