absurd tax

I was trying to pay my pilates teacher the other day and asked her how much the full amount with tax should be. She didn’t know but she pulled out a sheet of paper and started scribbling down some long multiplication. “What’s that?” I asked, pointing at some number with some half a dozen decimal places. “That’s the tax,” she said. !!!?!! Apparently tax here is 12.857% !!! (So what I saw was that she had written down “180 x 1.12857.”)

Does anyone else find this absurd? !!!?!!

I’m flabbergasted. …All the more so because I just spent a good part of my weekend schlepping from one walk-in clinic to another. I waited almost 3 hours at one clinic (15 minutes the first time, when the nurse advised me to come back in 3 hours while she kept my name on the waitlist; 30 minutes the second time, after which the other nurse advised me to come back on Sunday first thing because otherwise I would be waiting at least another 2 hours that night; and 2 hours the third time even when I was practically one of the first people through the door)……… only to have the doctor look down my throat, up my nostrils and into my ears and then refer me to a specialist for the rest of my regular annual checkup. Had I known this would be the process I probably would’ve considered flying back to Toronto *just* to get the check-up done. Lord knows it would’ve taken less time to fly home and back than to try to see a doctor here.

“That’s just one part of the medical system here that you experienced,” said my roommate, “just, whatever you do, avoid going to the hospital if at all possible.”

This is a crazy place. I don’t know how anyone accomplishes anything with so much inefficiency afoot.


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