don’t forget to tune in and TALK BACK AT ME on March 12

This Thursday, March 12, 2009 from ~1:00 – 5:00pm, leadership from the arts and culture community will convene at a national workshop in Ottawa to address short- and long-term challenges for the sector. Will you be there? If you won’t be there in person, do make the time to tune in to the CCA’s live blog:

The CCA has arranged for me to blog live throughout the workshop to give you an opportunity to get a sense of the discussion and an opportunity to talk back. In fact, visit the site now and leave a comment saying you’ll be tuning in! (Kinda lets everyone know that there are folks who want to be heard around the table, even if you can’t make it in person.)

Who knows how fast, slow, complicated, engrossing, or banal, even frustrating the in-person meeting might be. Here is our chance to show them up!. Get in on the conversation online. Let’s make it spicy, let’s pipe up with some compelling points, potent discussion, telling debate. This is a real chance for the otherwise-less-audible to be heard!

When I say “let’s” I mean you. Meet me halfway: I’ll be at the meeting and reporting on what’s going on. Meanwhile you’ve got to put out peeps! I’m relying on you to come up with the sparkling commentary!

Please bookmark the link and put the afternoon event in your calendar. If technical difficulties occur, check for an alternate link on my site:

Sorry, but I will only be able to blog in English. Feel free to comment en français. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui peut participer à Ottawa comme blogger francophone, dites-moi vite!


Canadian Conference of the Arts

Against the backdrop of RECENT CUTS to arts and cultural programs, an ELECTION CAMPAIGN where the arts and culture featured as a KEY [I would say defining – hell, the Conservatives lost their chance at a majority because of certain views expressed about arts and artists!] national issue, and an INTERNATIONAL CRISIS with the Canadian economy in jeopardy, this workshop will present an opportunity to address some of the short-term and long-term challenges now facing the sector.

Following an extensive nation-wide consultation with the arts and cultural sector, the CCA’s National Director, Alain Pineau, will present a Report on the CCA Regional Forums. The report will inform this National Cultural Strategy Workshop so that our sector may begin mapping out the path to achieving our goals.

Anne L’Ecuyer, of Americans for the Arts (AFTA), will share the experiences of the American arts community as it moved from DISARRAY to a STRONG, COHERENT, and EFFECTIVE national POLITICAL voice. She will then conduct a workshop systematizing a five-stage approach to gaining consensus and strategies to help move the sector into a coordinated future direction.

[CAPS emphasis all mine]


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