PaCuBox + me

TK is hard at work on some r&d grant applications for PaCuBox. Just saw some beautiful mock-ups for a new website that should be launched soon.

PaCu stands for participatory culture. The PaCuBox series is a public gallery system that TK and Rachel Vulliens developed at the Canadian Film Centre’s New Media Lab a few years ago. The system allows anyone to sign up for a ‘residency’ of 3 months during which time they can present and share any artistic or cultural expressions they wish in a PaCuBox. The box itself is designed to withstand the Canadian outdoor weather, and is intended for installation in “dead” or little-used space such as fences, telephone poles etc. A built-in solar panel collects energy to light the box when night falls.

There’s been talk of wanting to install this gallery system in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics – kind of a mini-expo of art made by the people! Hoping the new website launches soon so you can see it. I see much fit in many upcoming opportunities.


Yesterday I accepted an offer to work in Montréal for the next two months on the Culture Days project. I`m very excited, very keen, but trying to keep things hush hush until my partner-in-crime is done with his grantwriting. (Shh, he doesn’t know.) Won’t be a big deal – just gotta postpone some projects for a little while… right?

Meanwhile I also have a grant app to write but it’s a small one and it’s mostly a matter of modifying existing information so I don’t need to go into deep undercover for several days, just several hours.

Happy about PaCuBox progress, happy about my writing progress, happy about joining the Culture Days project… Somewhat unhappy about having to do my taxes right now. Ah well, dinner at the Keg Mansion next week should make up for it…


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